Wealth Hackathon

You Will Hack Into Your Abundance

Grow Your Portfolio 2021

Wealth Hackathon is a full year of monthly programs designed to construct your wealth and Activate your DNA which holds Your Abundance.

Episode 19- Dr Omai Kofi 24-Hours of Entrepreneurship


Wealth Hackathon was Created to unveil The Power within The Fin Lit Mentality.

Just because You Were Not Taught About Wealth Doesn't Mean You Are Not Wealthy. Wealth Is Your Birthright. Wealth Is Your Civil Right. You Are Wealth.


You Will Hack Into Your Abundance

Every 20th of Each Month During 2020 We Host Wealth Hackathons to Guide
You Into A Sustainable System of Wealth Creation.


Income Hacks

Credit Hacks

Savings Hacks

Investment Hacks


We activate your DNA to secure your Wealth Identity before you get credit, funding, and invest.

Our Hacks Are Non-Traditional, but will enhance you above all others who attempt to get traditional funding, lending and finance options.


You are able to level up in all areas of economics and finance and we teach you how to teach what you know to enhance your own income streams!

Decree of Excellence

Whenever attending any of our Hackathons, its best to have the following: Your cell phone (turn notifications off, turn off ringer). You will need access to the Internet, it is best to have a computer, calculator, pen, pad, calendar and a whole lot of confidence!

Wealth Hackathon

You Will Hack Into Your Abundance

Webinar | Saturday, 5.30.20 | 5:30 PM CST

Wealthy Principles Into Healthy Processes


Creator of Wealth Hackathon Dr. Omai Kofi | Wealth Hacker

Dr. O is the Founder of The Board of Literacy, Inc. a Fin Lit foundation where the mission is to advance the financial quotient of the youth.

“We don’t send rich children to broke homes so we help their families and communities with Financial Literacy, Education & Wealth Development.”

The Board | of Literacy decided to practice wealth creation in 2019 and they are currently a six-figure NPO. Their sources of establishing wealth are: Investments, Grants, SBA Loans, and Business Credit. After they received six and five figure grants, they decided to educate other NPOs and businesses how to commit wealth hacks in the business sector. The Board | Of Literacy has worked with The States of Georgia and Texas as well as other NPOs, and schools to fulfill their mission, purpose and vision statements.

Dr. O

Former Media Executive turned Wealth Activist since 2002, discovered she was a millionaire at the age of 27. While working for Citi Financial Dr. O was making a six-figure annual income, however she was earning the company $7.1MM / year. After even a promotion with a higher title, with a higher six-figures she had to Real Eyes as she would say, there was no way to build true wealth working for someone else. Dr. O put in in her 2 weeks notice May 27, 2005 to become an entrepreneur, and is now an investor. In 2016 her company received an opportunity for a seven-figure contract through the FDIC all the will her financial company and made well over 3 quarters of a million dollars off of LinkedIn (for financial services) and that’s when she officially transferred all her energy into the Financial Industry. Omai is the CEO of Aziz Financial a subsidiary of a Management Company Aziz Partners Inc. She sits on many organizational boards and has several honorary doctorates for her body of work. She’s a family woman based in Dallas, Texas.


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I enjoyed the every bit of the meeting. I am very interested in business funding for my business and credit repair because I want good credit and also personal funding.

- T. Parks

Ty!! Keep preaching the gospel, you have a true gift.

- K. Nance

Dr. O I had to drop by and tell you I got my ish together you are such an encouragement along with so many Queens the have been pushing the level up.

- K. Patterson

WOW you’re super dope... my next life I’m coming back as you!

- N. Dennison

I am trying to get in better position financially. I will listen to more of your videos. Thanks please keep doing what your doing. It's a major blessing. The level of intensity and truth is very on point. God bless. I learned alot watching the video, I know I will learn more and be able to apply some things.

- J. Broach

Good evening. Thanks for the invite to the Webcast today. I’m interested in becoming an agent. Annnnnnnnnd, I’ve been following you for a minute and you are so phenomenal. I’m proud of you. I wish you all the best. I feel like you are my sister and I just love watching you soar and Rock!

- K. Onuoha

Greetings Dr.O I just wanted to reach out to thank you again for being such an amazing person and presenter. I thought I had everything thought out but after your lesson I have taken some time to restructure my thoughts.Thank you again.

- J. Maxie

Good evening Dr. O. I've been studying your social media and all the great things you're doing with financial literacy and wealth. Last year I started my journey down that path. You have a webinar coming up. Can you forward me the link? Im eager to learn from you!

- K. Reynolds

Just letting you know, the last 2.5 years Hurricane Maria we have suffered health crisis. But once life settles a bit in next couple of months — you are the first person I will connect with on social media. I appreciate all the information you post in the First Generation Millionaire group and on your page. Financial literacy and wealth creation is the road to liberation. Your consistent voice is valued and appreciated. Thank you for every post and foot forward.

- N. Pizzario de Jesus

Not surprised you reached your friends limit but just wanna say, You are truly honored by me as a Phenomenal Woman, you are a mentor to some of us and don’t know it. I love who you are!

- T. Thomas

Wealth Hackathon

You Will Hack Into Your Abundance

Webinar | Saturday, 5.30.20 | 5:30 PM CST

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A good way to set up your self to win is to set goals!

Most people do not set goals for the simple fact they don’t have enough discipline to accomplish them.

Where you see lack of goal setting you find lack of the accomplishment mentality.

Where you see limited accomplishments, you discover a goal-setting deficit.

Some don’t set goals because they don’t have any discipline.

Some don’t set goals because they don’t have enough confidence.

Some don’t set goals simply because they don’t know how.






The main reason why you’re not winning is because you haven’t found a REASON to win. Let’s consider a professional athlete: with a major contract.

There is a:




Which comes with that contract. Within the Agreement there must be an Alignment. My Forex mentor Kevin L. Jefferson would say, “Alignment BEFORE Assignment.”





skill set / Expertise & Experience

The Champion must come to the table with all of this in mind. The Champion also has a why. In the same fashion you are the champion of your why. We learn, some people are not the champion Of their own why. So they lose the championship and most people who lose the championship too long and too many times also lose the Champion.

When it comes to winning no one should beat you to PRACTICING to win.

Beyoncé practiced 8 months for a 2 hour performance.

Athletes work year round for a season of play.

Wealthy people meet daily with teams of people to promote, sponsor and donate to that wealth.


45 Day Accelerator

500+ Hours of Fin Lit and Wealth Development | Positioning

Wealth Wallets Set Up

Wealth Portfolio Set Up

Funding Folder Set Up & Review

Wealth Strategy Plan Up

Wealth Blackbook Set Up

This program is designed to Set You Up for Wealth. You will accomplish your Fin Lit, Wealth Development, Strategies and Wealth Planning Goals.

There are no breaks with this program.

90 Day Intensive

1,000+ Hours of Fin Lit and Wealth Development | Mentorship

Credit Mentorship

Savings Mentorship

Investment Mentorship

Streams of Income Mentorship

This program is engineered to Put You Into Wealth. You will complete your path to restored credit establishment of business credit, funding, and partnership goals.

There is a one week break within this program.

Your course enrollment includes credit restoration, initial investment start up cash.



Dr. O is the Founder of The Board of Literacy, Inc. a Fin Lit foundation where the mission is to advance the financial quotient of the youth.



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